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Euclid 40 IP20

LED linear lighting system

The Euclid 40 system has been developed for use in a wide variety of linear indirect lighting applications including cove lighting. The system can be fitted with an opal diffuser to create continuous lines of dot free light.

The system incorporates the same medium power LEDs used in the Shard and other Euclid systems so that they can all be used together.

The profile and light output of the Euclid 40 matches the non lens version of the 3D LED Flex 40 so that they can be used in the same project to light linear and curved spaces. Up to 5,500 lumens per mtr. Clear or opal window versions are available along with RGBW and dynamic white light versions.

The system can be supplied in any length up to 2.5 mtrs with the smallest cutting module based on a 50 mm LED pitch.

Side and back power feeds allow continuous lighting without dark space on long runs and the LED pitch is maintained between individual luminaires to maintain constant lighting levels.

The Radiant Euclid 40 system with lenses has been developed for use in a wide variety of linear direct and accent lighting applications including wall grazing, and wall washing. Very narrow lenses provide excellent wall grazing over long distances. The self-locking adjustable angle bracket allows precise aiming from the front.

The Euclid 40 Vector system incorporate angled asymmetric lenses, providing an asymmetric tilted beam. Recessed, semi-recessed, or surface-mount housings are available.