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WestQuay Watermark, UK

Lighting design by George Sexton Associates

3D LED Flex 40 IP20
2 x high power LEDs with lenses per module

Modular, 3D flexible LED linear lighting system Up to 3,500 Lumens per Mtr
The Radiant 3D LED Flex 40 System IP20 with 2 x high power LEDs with lenses per module provides indirect lighting, following the curved ceiling details of the Westquay Watermark mall.

The 3-dimensionally flexible, hand-bendable system with high-power Cree XPE LEDs and elliptical Ledil lenses provides a wall grazing effect down the hanging chain curtains

The system can be run at up to 50 Watts per Mtr providing 3,500 lumens per mtr.

Anti-glare snoots with louvres ensure excellent visual comfort.
D 100 IP20