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W Algarve, Portugal

Lighting design and project photography by MBLD

MBLD specified Radiant’s Water Effect system to provide dynamic effect lighting for the newly opened W Hotel Algarve in Portugal. The Water Effect In-ground RAD 180 WE system is a DMX controlled, dynamic LED effect-luminaire. A combination of complex dimming sequences, a matrix of LEDs of various colour temperatures and colours, and a layer of textured glass, produces dynamic, abstract lit-effects, all from a discreet and compact luminaire. The LED sequence, controlled by the integral DMX controller, along with the light engine and the decorative textured glass, were all tailored to achieve the perfect lit effect for each area of the project. The luminaire comprises a durable walk-over rated glass window, a stainless steel bezel, and a buried housing which contains the DMX controller, light engine and textured glass. Both standard and compact versions are available. The standard version is 300mm in depth and the compact version is 100mm in depth. The luminaire provides up to 3,500 lumens, and since there are no moving parts will provide a long working life. The system is IP67 rated.

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Water Effect In-ground RAD 250 WE and RAD 180 WE IP 67

DMX controlled, dynamic LED effect lighting IP67

Centura IP20