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Residential project, London

Lighting design by Syntax Lighting

Radiant’s Centura System IP20 was specified by lighting designers, Syntax Lighting, as part of the lighting scheme for a residential project in London.

The linear modular Centura system, with high-power LEDs and elliptical beam lenses, provides a highly-controlled downlight effect onto the kitchen island. This version of the Centura System can produce up to 5,000 Lumens per mtr.

The Centura system’s anti-glare louvres ensure excellent visual comfort.

The Centura system was produced as a custom fixed-shape pendant fixture, with both curved and straight sections, which follows the profile of the kitchen island, providing the perfect lit effect, exactly where it’s needed.

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Centura 40 IP20

Modular, interior LED linear lighting system. Up to 5,000 Lumens per mtr