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The Bvlgari Spa, Dubai

Lighting design by Delta Lighting Solutions, Dubai

3D LED Flex 40 IP66
4 x high power LEDs with lenses per module

Modular, 3D flexible LED linear lighting system Up to 3,500 Lumens per Mtr
The Radiant 3D LED Flex 40 System IP66 was used to provide indirect lighting in the Hamam and Vitality Pool areas of the Bvlgari Spa.

The 3-dimensionally flexible, hand-bendable system with high-power

D 100 IP20
Cree XPE LEDs and elliptical Ledil lenses provides a wall grazing effect.

The system can be run at up to 50 Watts per Mtr providing 3,500 lumens per mtr. Anti-glare snoots with louvres ensure excellent visual comfort.