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Flaplight systems IP20

LED Linear display lighting system
The Radiant LED Flaplight system incorporates lockable, hinged barn-door flaps to control glare and cut-off.

The system has been developed for a wide variety of linear display lighting applications including museums, galleries and retail.

The lighting head can be fitted with a variety of lenses to control the beam angle. The flaps and body can be locked at the correct aiming angle.

Integral LV constant current driversare dimmable with all systems.

The Radiant Micro and Nano Flaplight systems extend the range with smaller sizes suitable for use in residential projects and within display cases.

The Micro incorporates the same lockable, hinged barn-doors as the standard size Flaplight.

The Nano has fixed flaps to give excellent glare control and visual comfort in the smallest overall size.

The smaller systems incorporate a linear lens for excellent beam control or for a softer diffuse lit effect.